Stock vs Custom Cabinets

Below are the basic differences between stock/pre-manufactured and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are mass produced in a factory. They are made in specific sizes and stored until ordered by the customer. Stock cabinets are usually more affordable than custom, however; there is no customization available. Customers have limited choices of styles, colors, and/or wood species. In addition to our own custom built cabinetry, Knoxville Custom Cabinets offer Carolina Heartwood™ pre-manufactured cabinets. These are available in 3 styles/colors. Our stock cabinet widths are available in 3” increments from 9” up to 48”. Base cabinets are a depth of 24” and wall cabinets are 12” deep.

However, Custom cabinets come in all sizes and customers may choose any style, color, or wood species according to their liking. We suggest that anyone who is considering a kitchen remodel take advantage of the gallery as well as other media to find ideas for creating the kitchen of their dreams.

Please give us a call at 865-435-2576 one of our estimators will be happy to come to your home to take measurements and talk with you about the kitchen design you would like to have. The estimator will then send you a quote based on what he/she has discussed with you. At that point we will sign the contract and your drawings can be prepared. You will be given the opportunity to look over the drawings and ask any questions you may have, or make any desired changes. With your approval we will then begin the fabrication stage of your project. Fabrication times are typically 3-4 weeks but can be longer or shorter depending on workloads and the number of cabinets needed to complete your project. Customizing your kitchen is a process.

Knoxville Custom Cabinets strives to produce the right kitchen for every customer, and We are always here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.