“Semi-Custom” Cabinets vs. True Custom Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Significant differences exist between “semi-custom” cabinets and true custom cabinets. Here are a few basic factors that set our custom products apart from the factory-made alternatives:

Stock cabinets can go by many different names: Semi-Custom Cabinets, Off-the-shelf Cabinets, Factory Cabinets, RTA Cabinets, etc.  Stock cabinets are mass produced in a factory and a lot of times are shipped on a boat from China. They are made in standard sizes with limited customization potential, and stored until ordered by the retail or wholesale distributor. Stock cabinets are usually made from 1/2″ or 5/8″ thick material and can be advertised as “all-wood” with cheap plastic shelf pins, plastic brackets, and other cost-effective techniques that sacrifice quality for a cheap sticker price.

Stock cabinets are usually more affordable than custom, but be sure to evaluate all fees and taxes before choosing factory cabinets over custom cabinets. In addition to hidden costs added by the middle man, customers have limited choices of styles, colors, and/or wood species. “Semi-Custom” cabinet widths are mostly available in 3” increments from 9” up to 48”. Base cabinets are a depth of 24” and wall cabinets are usually 12” deep with limited customization options.

On the contrary, true custom cabinets come in all sizes, and our clients may choose any style, color, or wood species according to their liking. Our cabinets are fabricated of 3/4″ materials, FAS grade lumber, heavy duty cabinet hardware, and never brushed with a touch up pen! We suggest that anyone who is considering a kitchen remodel take advantage of our gallery, showroom, as well as other media outlets to find ideas for creating the kitchen of their dreams.

Call a Knoxville Custom Cabinets estimator at 865-435-2576 or use our online quoting tool to start planning and pricing your custom project. Please feel free to visit our showroom at 5140 Knoxville Hwy in Oliver Springs, TN to see a variety of cabinet and countertop displays. When you’re ready to begin we’ll field verify your home or business with our advanced laser measuring system (Leica 3D Disto) and prepare your shop drawings. Look them over, ask questions, or make any desired changes. Once approved our team of cabinetmakers will get to work on your new addition and 4-8 weeks later install your casework to completion! 4-8 week lead time may be longer or shorter depending on workload, or the size/complexity of your project.

Knoxville Custom Cabinets strives to produce the right casework for every customer, and we are always here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

We hope that you can give us a chance to bring your architecture to fruition!