Counter Tops

Knoxville Custom Cabinets will assist you in choosing the right products for your project. Please feel free to visit our gallery to see pictures of some of the work we’ve done. We offer two types of countertop surfacing, Laminate and Solid Surface, below are some of the specifics of each product.

Solid Surface: Our most popular brands are Livingstone™, WilsonArt™, Formica™, and LG HiMacs™.

• Unlike granite, solid surface is a non-porous material, which means it doesn’t absorb bacteria and isn’t susceptible to mold or mildew. This also means there is no sealing or special care required.
• Fabrication of solid surface countertops is seamless. Specially formulated adhesives manufactured to match the color and pattern of your choosing are used to create the perfect fit for your kitchen design.
• Coordinating solid surface or stainless steel sinks can be under-mounted to the countertop. This eliminates the problem of crumbs or other debris becoming stuck on the rim of a traditional drop-in sink. A drain board can also be carved into the countertop to allow water to drain directly into the sink. Traditional drop-in sinks can also be used if the customer so desires.
• Coved backsplash – A coved backsplash is formed by using solid surface material of the customer’s choice and the above mentioned matching adhesive to create a seamless backsplash
• Pinstripe edging – There are a wide variety of edging profiles available for the customer to choose from. Coordinating colors/patterns can also be chosen.
Solid surface materials are susceptible to heat, scratching, and chipping. However; unlike laminate countertops, solid surfacing is repairable. Scratches can be sanded and buffed to give them a like new appearance. We provide a repair piece in case any future repairs are needed.

Laminate: Our most popular laminate brands are Formica™, Nevamar™, and WilsonArt™

• Today’s laminates have come a long way from their humble beginnings. New patterns, colors, and textures have caused this material to far surpass its previously unremarkable reputation.
• Laminate countertops are the most affordable of the countertop surfaces on the market today.
• Custom built laminate countertop seams are not joined in corners with 45° cuts as seen in post-formed countertop installations. Joints, if required are placed in less conspicuous places depending on the configuration of the kitchen.
• Custom built laminate countertops do not have rolled or waterfall edges or coved backsplashes as you would find with post-formed countertops. Edges are squared but can be radiused in most cases to avoid sharp corners. Backsplashes are also squared and are sealed at the joint to the countertop using clear silicone
• Solid surface or wood edging can be added to custom built laminate countertops. There are a wide variety of edge profiles that can be used.